The Johannes-Schule Bonn

is a Waldorf school for children with special needs who benefit from being educated in small groups. The founder of Waldorf schools Rudolf Steiner called them "in need of soul care". His description sounds old-fashioned but it points out a side of education which is neither found in traditional pedagogics for children with special needs nor in the modern process of inclusion. Our goal is a way to teach in which learning goal orientation, education of art, music and handcraft as well as therapeutic elements are combined in a "soul caring" way.

Based on the "Ausbildungsordnung Sonderpädagogische Förderung/ Training regulations special educational support (AOSF)" at Johannes-Schule we teach pupils with special needs of the whole range of learning and development disorders/ Bildungsgang "Learning", also in combination with needs in the educational courses "Speech impediment" and "Emotional and Social Development") and pupils with the educational course "Intellectual disability".

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The school time of 12 years leads to the Waldorf school Graduation certificate in the educational background "Intellectual disability" or the educational background "Learning", possibly with the simple certificate of the secondary modern school (Hauptschule).

As an all-day school we provide an education which helps to stay and become healthy. School time in our school is added with a wide range of anthroposophical therapies, physiotherapy and individual music therapy. The special design of the rooms and the whole school area is as important to us as a healthy lunch which is daily and freshly made in our school kitchen. Holiday care takes place in cooperation with the " Leben mit Autismus e.V." association.  

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